Out of the broom closet

Today has finally happened. I realized I’m out of the proverbial broom closet. I tell you I realized it, rather than did it, because it was a process more than a decision.

Some changes in my life couldn’t pass unseen by people that surround me. I put so much energy in this path that everyone has noticed I am different, but a different good.

Facebook in this case was the catalyst. I was writing in a wiccan group not noticing the group was a public one, and one of my closest but trickiest friend took a snapshot of my public post and re-posted on his timeline to mock me a little.

I was furious: how dare he?!

After texting him to delete the post I put my self together and realize that there was no need to be angry: what I was trying to hide? And from who? My closest friends knows, my parents knows, why should I care if anyone else get to know I am a Wiccan? Am I not proud of it? I am, so I told my friend not to worry, that I wanted to make it public.

He replied: you don’t realize you don’t need to outing, everyone knows!

It is true, during these years everyone got to know because I was more and more confident and more and more open about my religion. I feel released from a cage, I feel strong enough to face the world also with this part of me, that was so fragile and now is brightening strong. 

This new state of mind connects perfectly with my recent works with the Morrigan and the Dark Goddess. When you call upon her in your life, your life MUST change, and she will change you no matter what it takes. I consulted my deck and two cards showed up: one pointing at incoming troubles and the other one representing Hecate (!)

But, as a fact, I am not scared as I was before about radical changes and troubles. I want to face them, inside and outside myself, because I know after this struggle I will be well, and hopefully, better.




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