Make mama happy and clean this house


House cleaning is to me one of the biggest issues for a working witch. I’m talking of both “spiritual” and “physical” cleaning. I have refused for so long to pay attention to this topic until I realized it was very comprehensive and useful to learn about magick and its applications.

The first step is to ask yourself: am I feeling comfortable in this house? If the answer is not, something is to be done. I am not talking about ghosts and stuff, but about the stagnant energies that relies in our home. They are there, for sure, stuck with furniture, walls and objects. No matter how positive our relationships in the house are, it has happened now and then to have spread anger and frustration all around the house.

When I had to clear my family home, I followed these steps:

1- I made my mother select what was to be thrown away and what was to be kept. 

Why my mother? Because she is actually the queen of the house and she connected to the house so much during these years that every stressful feeling she felt passed directly into the rooms. Throwing away the stuff you don’t need anymore will reject those stagnant energies for sure.

2- I fumigated all the rooms to purify them.

You can easily use sage or any other purifying herbs. Vinegar is useful too to remove negativity, but of course use it as a liquid cleaner!

3- I created a spot in the livingroom as an altar with nice things I found while tidying the house. 

In this spot I put a scented candle and made a Sacred Flame Shrine as suggested by Silver Ravenwolf in her To Stir A Magick Cauldron. I used the Goddess of the Sea as Archetype because my mother loves the sea and she always goes to the sea side as soon as she can.

4- I rang a very noisy bell all over the house to move the energy and let it flow again.

5- I took a bath.

How I felt after that? Very very bad, and that’s why I took the bath to release all the junk that I had moved during the process. It was not my junk, but my mother’s. As a fact, she was feeling much better and she kept going on in the next days on her own with this huge rearrangement. As the old stuffs were thrown she was letting go.

Does it last forever? No. This cleaning was made months ago, and the results were great but not lasting. I can tell now we are back to the start, because when I was away from home no one has helped my mother kept the things flowing.

The cleaning is to be done several times, and as soon as you feel uncomfortable again. Good luck with that!



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