Hi, I am a Guru and I want your money

The books about Wicca have a really tiny idea of philosophy and often give us a very silly and simplistic view about reality.
Too often the spiritual concerns of the human beings are turned and shaped in order to fit the Ego of the author. Yes the authors: all these brilliant people that run brilliants lives with the money you give them.
Think about this. I am not saying you shouldn’t buy books (I am a bookaholic, you know), or don’t trust an author just because he/she wrote a book (some of them are good, fortunately). But if you are not blind you surely noticed that nowadays EVERY wiccan that pop out in the network turns to be some sort of guru. No one can just write a good book and keep living life. Everyone write a book, then open a website and make up a brand-new way of learning Wicca that, for a chance, will cost you A LOT to accomplish.
And don’t bother me with the “equal exchange of energies” crap. Mama Nature DIDN’T GIVE BIRTH TO MONEY. Money as we know is, indeed, a very recent thing in the billion-year history of the Universe.
Let’s make a clear example: The Secret. I know is not the same as Wicca, but is quite the same way to steal people’s money.
You watch this video in which this man tells you “I was a loser, then I found out this Secret and look at me now! I am a billionaire”. Yes you are, because you wrote the book and turned people to believe your fucking shit.
The same for every self-claimed guru out there. There is a line between asking money because you need some supply or asking money because you came to Wicca two years ago and claim to be a super witchy star.

If you want to be a superstar, learn to play the fucking guitar.

I recently retired from a shamanic initiation that would cost me 80 Euros (I am a student, my parents give me the money to live, so 80 bucks are quite a lot). I was in my bed, meditating before going to sleep, and suddenly this idea showed up in my mind, and also my visualization spoke to me: WHY THE HELL YOU SHOULD PAY THIS MUCH FOR INITIATION???
Oh my goddess, my brain was totally right.

Wicca is all about the mysteries of the Universe. Money is not a mystery, neither is charisma.
Learn to distinguish charismatic people from Elders, and Elders from made-up-gurus, and Elders from the Goddess.

If these people really respected their path they would never go outside let you drink their fluffy craps and take money from you.

This is a way of thinking and doing that I don’t understand, and I hope soon Wicca won’t turn into a sort of big mall in which you are to buy wisdom instead of experience it, together, for free.

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