Keep calm, the Goddess is alive

In many religions you may know that if you are a good follower you will follow many steps during the day and in your life.
Some have to pray 5 times a day, some others must confess, some others must meditate and so on.
The must list is very long in every religion, and this is a topic to consider carefully.
If you scratch the surface of every kind of spirituality you find tons of things you must or must not do, but why?
One of the most effective critiques brought against religion is that religions are made to prevent you from thinking.

Before you start yelling let’s think about this, because most of the time this sentence turns sadly true.

If you wake up in the morning and, beside all, you MUST or MUSTN’T do a list of things you will over think about them and forget about the rest.

There is a subtle line between being and not being a religious fanatical, and crossing the line means to stop thinking by yourself.

If you reader have embraced wicca (or any kind of non mainstream spirituality) is probably because you were sick of being told how to feel and what to do with your mind and soul. So, in studying wicca, keep calm and don’t keep your mind busy with it all the time.

Find the space to rest, to think, to dismiss what you believe, to question yours or else’s truths.

Let your spirituality permeate your life, but don’t let it own you. Let yourself change and don’t get stuck.

Once I was reading about the Golden Dawn’s teaching in a book. The author says that every rules, beginning with the Ten Commandments, are not made to bring you down but to let you free.

It is told not to kill, or not to steal from others because this behavior will trouble your mind and a troubled mind is like a prisoner.

Let’s consider again the “not to kill” statement that, in wicca, can be found in the Rede as “harm none”.

There is a difference between not to kill and constantly worrying about not killing (people, little animals, even flies!).

As there is a difference between praying or doing magick and constantly thinking about it.

What I am trying to say is that religion should not trap you in a net of duties but should open you a road of experiences.

So breathe, keep calm, read a good book.
The Goddess is alive and loves you, no matter how many times a day do you wave your wand in the air.

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